Saw for trimming excess material

Saw is used for cutting off the excess material formed in the bathtubs and shower trays thermo-forming process. The machine learns the shape of the bath and then in automatic cycle makes a cut following the saved trajectory. There is no need to write the program for each shape. Just select the learning mode and start the machine. Machine can store up to 200 of shapes.

By using a rotator with two tables, we managed to significantly reduce the cycle time of the machine. At the same time, when one bath is cut, the other can be loaded into the machine by the operator. The distance in time between cuts is limited only to rotate the tables and close safety guards.

Machine use a special saw with a high-speed spindle controlled by a vector inverter. All guidings in the machine are protected from dust. Also small volume of cutting area with possibility of connecting an external dust collection system, ensures the minimum amount of dust remaining in the machine.

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